What to Know About Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation is amazing for home repair. Although it has been around for decades, recent advances in technology mean that there are better options than ever before. This video has a few helpful tips and techniques for those of you using spray foam around the home or apartment.

Spray foam insulation absolutely has its place.

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For certain things, such as attic insulation or working around regular holes in a wall, like doors or windows, there is nothing better that has ever been invented. Spray foam expands to fill these areas perfectly, preventing all transfer of air. What’s more, spray foam can last for years. Removal is also easy, as spray foam tends to bond to itself more strongly than to the surfaces it is sprayed on.

However, there are drawbacks. For one thing, it can expand too much. Too much foam in an enclosed area can actually create enough pressure to push things out of position. It can’t be used for major repairs, though people will sometimes try. Small holes are easy to patch with spray foam, but large holes will need some sort of wire for structure or they will degrade. It’s worth noting that raccoons, possums, and other large animals have the capacity to scrape spray foam out of the way, so it is not a reliable barrier to them either. Please watch the video for other helpful tips and techniques.

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