Two Ways to Insulate Your Metal Roof

Metal roof insulation is available in various options, and the type of insulation you get on your house will depend on a few factors. These include where you’re located, what effect you’re looking for, and the weighing of how easy it will be for contractors to remove parts of the roof for repairs on the insulation. You might opt for striations in your roof metal decking construction if you are concerned about hiding imperfections that arise in the insulating process.

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You can use two layers of poly iso and then another layer or zip system sheathing down. There’s no airflow under this usually, but you can create this using a certain process. You can put in a Marvin awaken skylight with this so you have nice natural light coming through that will give your home a different atmosphere than what you’d have with your average windows. You can even install an accordion-style bug screen, which is great if you’re in a region where you have a lot of insects trying to enter your home.

In the North, you’re more likely going to have this type of assembly for your insulation where you don’t have the thermal flow and you have thicker insulation to improve your energy usage through the colder months. In the South, you’re going to have insulation with more of an airflow addition that promotes cooling of your home, which in part should help with your energy usage.¬†Talk to a roofing expert to find out what’s the right type for your needs.


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