3 Ways to Know if Its Time for Roof Repairs

As a homeowner with a roof that has shingles, you are likely to find a bunch of loose roof shingles sitting out on your deck. Upon finding those roof shingle pieces, there are several things you must do right away to prevent your roof from leaking. One of the reasons you will find the shingle pieces in your backyard or deck is that the nail holes do not hold the shingle on the roof. This happens when the shingle is installed completely out of alignment, and none of the tar seals holds very well. If a roof is not installed properly and lacks maintenance, it will have some problems.

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Therefore, you will need an expert to come in and do roof repairs.

Improper installation means the tar strips on the backside of the shingles do not line up, therefore the shingles will not stick to the roof. The wind can capture those shingles making them depart the roof, especially during a storm. During roof repairs, the roof needs to walk the entire length of the roof, all the ridges, valleys, and surfaces to check for unsealed nail heads. This is important because these nail heads wiggle loose a little bit and allow water to get behind the shingle, beyond the sheathing, and create a great pathway to get into your home.


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